Here you will find a few, or a lot as the list grows, of my favorite things! They are in no particular order, at least for right now. It’s a work in progress. 🙂 Asterisks (**) mark books I have used for ladies’ studies.

Journaling/Writing Tools

These are the BEST pens and highlighters for your Bible! They don’t bleed through the pages. A nerd’s best friend!
Because Paper Mate is the bomb! These felt tip pens are great! I color coordinate these with the gel pens with my Powersheets!
These pens are nice and smooth! They do bleed through thin paper. I love them for my Powersheets and journals!

Books I Enjoy

If you need help in the are of how to study the Bible, I can not recommend this book enough! It’s a lot of information, but it’s so good!
**Respectable Sins is easy to read, but hard to hear. This one is an “ouch” kind of book. If you are willing to let the Word read you and show you the sin in your life- this one is for you!
** At the lead of my pastor, our ladies group read this book. It’s not an easy read, it’s challenging. Not only in language but in content. It challenged me greatly on my thoughts of conversion and discipleship.
** If you have a desire to find health and wellness on a deeper level than six-pack abs or a thigh gap, this one is for you! I am a Certified Revelation Wellness® Instructor and offer one-on-one/group training with The Wellness Revelation®.
If you desire to be a Godly woman, this book is full of truth and goodness! Again, this is a book that might step on your toes, but it will grow you, if you take her words to heart!
Triggers is one of my favorite parenting books because of it’s practicality. It address triggers that are external, and ones that are internal. It’s an easy read, with great encouragement for parents!
Parenting Scripts is the “sequel” to Triggers. In this book, the authors help you to re-write what you are saying to our children when it isn’t working!