Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal

Breakfast. It’s a struggle for me to eat breakfast every morning. Some days I’m just not hungry. Other days, I just don’t feel like making it. I’m learning slowly but surely, some easy meals that I enjoy.

Oatmeal has never been on the top of that list. I grew up eating oatmeal with my butter and brown sugar. Anyone else? I wouldn’t dare eat it plain, and if I had to eat it, it was going to taste good! With those two additions, oatmeal became dessert instead of breakfast!

Now I’m older, grown up, more mature. Right? I should like oatmeal. It’s good for me. And, I genuinely do… when it’s made well, and has some great additions. Being a chocolate peanut butter kind of person, I knew this would be a winner. It’s almost like a Reese’s in a bowl. Okay… maybe that’s a stretch, but it really is good! And just in case you were unsure, I am not a food photographer. Actually, I was halfway through eating and thought, “I should probably take a picture…” ha!

Clearly, I’m no food photographer. Don’t hate.

My inspiration came from some new cookbooks I bought when I got my Instant Pot as a gift! Instant Loss Cookbook and Instant Loss: Eat Real, Lose Weight have had some really amazing recipes! She does have her own recipe for chocolate peanut butter, but I tweaked it because of a “secret ingredient” I wanted to use! Instead of using cocoa, cacoa, or chocolate chips, I used Crave from Momsanity!

Momsanity’s CRAVE cocoa blend provides an instant “chocolate fix” without the guilt. CRAVE is a decadent treat that erases cravings while benefiting your body. Made from nature, indulge in the most delicious way to improve brain and heart health, control blood sugar and weight, reduce inflammation and enhance calmness. Packed with antioxidants, our captivating confection can be savored by the entire family in hot or cold cocoa, coffee and desserts.


Low-calorie CRAVE contains no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no-GMOs, no dairy, no soy and no gluten. It’s such a wonderful substitute for that chocolatey flavor that you can feel good about!

While I love making oatmeal in my IP, not everyone in my house is sold on my chocolate peanut butter yet. I’m not really sure they are my kids, maybe half of them are. I mean, if you don’t like chocolate and peanut butter, can we even be friends?? I just don’t know.

Anyways, make your oatmeal plain. I like to use half water, half almond milk in mine. Milk loves me back in all the wrong ways so I avoid it when I can. Scoop yourself about one cup of oatmeal in a bowl. Add in 1/2 scoop of Crave, 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter, and a little bit of butter or coconut oil. The crave will make the oatmeal thick, and I tend to make my oatmeal thick to start with. Stir it all together and you’re done! Easy, delicious, and filling! If you don’t have Crave, you can of course use cocoa or cacoa powder, but you will need to add something to sweeten it. I’m a fan of monk fruit and erythritol, myself. Monk fruit is a little sweeter so you don’t need as much, but erythritol is more cost effective. I can get more for cheaper, and I don’t use that much more to compensate for the sweetness of the monk fruit, so it’s still a better deal. If that makes sense!

Bonus: Momsanity is running a sale until tomorrow to receive 10% off all of their individual products- including Crave! We all love their Mom Fuel and BCAAs- even Greg! So don’t let the brand “Mom”sanity fool you. It’s not just for moms. Use code: NOBLOAT at the check out to receive your discount! Sale ends January 10th, 2020.

Let me know if you try this bowl of deliciousness! I hope you do, and that you like it as much as I do! It’s a quick and easy breakfast for everyone to enjoy!

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