Health & Fitness

Trim Healthy Mama Workins are my current favorite! 20 minutes or less, you get a quick workout in, but don’t think there isn’t a burn! There is a major focus on keeping the core secure during the moves, which is great for all of us mamas out there!

Flexi flip sport is one of my favorite ways to keep my hair in place when I workout! It doesn’t give me a headache from being so tight, it doesn’t break my hair when I’m ready to take it out, and it’s cute! 

Mom Fuel is my favorite protein powder! This has 20 grams of protein coming from pea protein and collagen. I enjoy having collage in it so that it’s not an added supplement I need to use. This is naturally sweetened and flavor, with no GMOs, no gluten, no dairy, and no artificial sweeteners. This comes in three flavors: natural vanilla, dutch chocolate, and caramel swirl.

Spiritual Encouragement

When Strivings Cease has been such an encouragement to my soul. If you are someone who struggles with striving, thinking you need to earn God’s favor or favor of man, read this book. Find more of my review on the blog.

Women of the Word was very influential in helping me understand how to study Scripture in not only a systematic way, but also within context. This is a great resource to teach others how to study the Bible. I’ve used it in study groups with other women to encourage their own study of God’s Word.


Lead is an encouraging and challenging book for leadership communities in ministry. I think this is a must read for those who desire to be in ministry or are currently in ministry. Tripp encourages us what grace-filled leadership community can look like, and the pitfalls of a prideful community.

John C. Maxwell is a leadership guru and I know why! Today Matters reminds us that today is the only day we have. It challenges us to live today well, and only worry about living today well, one day at a time. 

For the Busy Woman

Because I’m just a mom with a cup of coffee and her Bible in the mornings! Flexi clips are the quick and easy way to do you hair and have it stay that way all day long! Find your right size and you will see how it takes just a few seconds to transform your hair from bedhead to beautiful!

Where are my curly girls at?? We can go days without a shampoo! Dry shampoo to the rescue! Especially if you are like me… a curly girl with straight bangs! Even if you aren’t a CG, dry shampoo is great for those in-between days for us busy women!

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