Lilla Rose

Messy Hair, But You Really DO Care? 

Lilla Rose to the rescue! Whether you need to get dressed up for work every day, go the gym, or are a stay-at-home mom, Lilla Rose can help you keep your hair in place without the headache! Get the sizing guide and video below to help you know which size is right for your hair type and hair style!

Why do I love Lilla Rose? It was simple. No headache at the end of the day!

I became a Lilla Rose consultant years ago after winning a hairband in a giveaway. I wore it just once, and when the day ended and I didn’t have a headache, I knew this was a product I wanted to try more of. I struggle with migraines and the last thing I needed was for my ponytail or bun to give me a headache! Of course, having 3 girls, we have a lot of hair to do! Lilla Rose offers products for every hair type and hair style! Whether you want the flexi-sport for working out, or something more elegant for an evening out, Lilla Rose has just what you need!


When you wear a flexi, you get…

A hair clip that works in every hair type and texture! Straight, curly, thick, or thin- it doesn’t matter!

A comfortable hold for thick hair in an up-do all day long and you forget it’s even there!

A sport clip that securely holds your hair when you are working out, swimming, or just being more active!

A hair accessory that will finally hold locs and braids in place without the headache!


A hair accessory to fit every occasion!

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