book rec: praying for your husband from head to toe

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Do you ever find yourself struggling with how to pray for your husband? I know I have. A friend of mine told me about this Facebook page that shared daily prayers to pray over your husband. That was great but… I don’t love being on Facebook. Anyone else ever find themselves sucked into the black hole of social media?? Same. So, I try to stay off it or really limit my time on it, but I also loved going to this page to read the daily prayers. That’s when I decided to see if the author had these prayers in book form, and guess what? She did!

praying for your husband from head to toe

Prayer has not always been a priority in my spiritual life. It was often left as my last resort instead of my first defense. A while ago, I decided to start journaling my prayers for my children. While I prayed for Greg, I wasn’t as intentional as I wanted to be. I wanted to literally cover him in prayer, which is where this book comes in.

Literally, Sharon Jaynes takes you through prayers that cover your husband from head to toe. For thirty days, you will read Scripture and pray over your husband. I am on my second round of praying through these days over Greg. 

When I did my first thirty days, I kept a pen with me. Obviously, this book was not written for Greg, so it says “my husband” in it. Above those places, I wrote Greg’s name to remind myself to personalize these prayers for him. Now that I am going through it again, I see his name there. 

The other thing I have enjoyed about this book, is that Sharon takes the first few chapters to talk about the importance of prayer. She walks through each part of the body that will be prayed over and tells us why we are praying over it.

Being in ministry often feels like you have a target on your back. The absolute best thing I can do for Greg is to pray for him. Using this book as my guide for the last month has not only been helpful for me to set aside a few moments each to day to lift Greg up, praying Scripture over him, it has given me fresh perspective. It almost seems as though praying for Greg is changing me more than it’s changing him….

prayer changes me

… isn’t that what prayer does? It has helped me to look at situations differently. I’ve been reminded that people are not the enemy, the enemy is the enemy! It has again shown me that my only weapon is the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. Praying for Greg has not made our marriage perfect, him perfect, or myself perfect. However, I have found myself more often turning to prayer for Greg, for myself, for our children.

I didn’t start this book because I wanted or needed some miraculous change in my husband. I love Greg deeply, and he is a wonderful husband, father, and godly man. If you find yourself in a position where you are desperate for the Lord to do a work in your husband, yes, get his book and start praying for him! Give God the authority in your own life to show you yourself while you pray for your husband. Many of these prayers I find myself repeating over myself because I know I need it, too! There are a few extra prayers in the back of this book to pray for your husband’s salvation, fatherhood, and healing.

I’m grateful for gift of prayer and the work it does in my life and those around me. I know God doesn’t aways answer the way I want Him to (which is a topic for another post!) but I’ve learned to trust Him. He knows what is best for me. God wants what is for my good and for His glory. He is faithful and trustworthy. I hope you will join me in intentional prayer for your husband- or if you are single, your future husband! I’ve certainly considered getting this book for my teenage daughters and encourage them to begin praying for their future spouses! Let me know if you will join me on this thirty day journey of praying for your husband from head to toe!